What I’ve Been Reading

I am always on the lookout for books that inspire me, motivate me, and sometimes even challenge me. For me, every book has a nugget of information that I try to put into practice or that helps develop or deepen my point of view on something. In sharing these books with you I hope you find yourself pausing and reflecting – and maybe even causing you to look at things a bit differently or start you down a path you might not have gone down before.

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Synopsis: A fun, short, but very impactful read. Most of our lives are filled with statements about what we SHOULD do. Elle Luna suggests we focus on MUST. Must is where we will find our calling. It isn’t just philosophical either. She offers some quick, easy, and practical ways to start your journey of Must.

Synopsis:  Someone at work suggested I watch Angela Duckworth’s YouTube video and after a few minutes I knew I needed to read the book. And I am glad I did. For years I have told people that I am “not the smartest person in the room, but few can out work me.” Now I know that what I was trying to say is that I have GRIT. Angela Duckworth and others throughout the book helped me understand the role talent, skill, and effort all have in achieving success. Equally impactful to me was reading about how grit can grow and develop. “Our potential is one thing. What we do with it is quite another.” – Angela Duckworth This is a great read to help you understand how to maximize your effectiveness in all areas of your life.

Synopsis: It started with a TED talk. One you should watch if you haven’t. Then the book. What I found most appealing about Ms. Cuddy’s book is that she gives you the science behind the mind-body effects that power or powerlessness have on presence. And if that isn’t enough, she gives us ways to help ourselves – real, actionable steps to move us forward and perform at our best. It’s not just about your Power Pose but that is a big part of establishing your presence. One passage in the book summed it up for me – “Your body shapes your mind. You mind shapes your behavior. And your behavior shapes your future."

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