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About 30 years ago, fresh out of college, I began my first career – with a Fortune 100 company. With the assistance of good mentors and a lot of hard work, I navigated through several roles and promotions with this company. One of the best pieces of advice I gained during this time was the importance of the ‘art of shameless self-promotion’. This advice has proved invaluable to me as I have navigated my own career transitions – from a Fortune 100 company, to management consulting, to a software service provider, to a government consultant, to career advisor and transition specialist. Throughout the years, I have built upon my mentor’s advice using my own transition experiences, my experiences in hiring staff, as well as continuing education in the field. I want to share this knowledge with you in a one to one, individualized, consultative process.

Throughout my career I have mentored, coached, and hired hundreds of people as they navigated their way through career changes, job searches, and professional self-discovery. I have worked with people just starting out in their careers or searching for their next careers. I have helped people hone in on what they are passionate about; what they naturally excel at; how they add value to organizations. It can be difficult to see yourself, your talents, and your value – I can help you see all of those things. I can help you tell your story, in a way that is tailored to where you want to go. I will show you how to use the art of shameless self-promotion to your advantage. To do this we look at how you present yourself in the market via résumés, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, and other job search artifacts. I help you in preparing for interviews and negotiating your worth in the market. As a Certified Professional Résumé Writer I continue to research and apply the most up-to-date tips and techniques to your job transition process.

I am practical, creative, detail-oriented, and solutions focused. I am dedicated to you, as an individual. I will call on my expertise in working in organizations of all sizes, at all levels, spanning many functions [operations, finance, marketing, etc.] and industries, and creating high-performing business teams for corporations as well as consulting services teams to guide you.

I am confident I can help you to make decisions to help you transition into the career for which you are destined. Please follow me on Twitter - @lmhadvisors - and connect with me on LinkedIn.